The competition will be held in the following single skating (girls and boys, ladies and men) and ice dance categories and classes:


Categories for Finnish Star Evaluation detailed in Annex 1:

Chicks (Tintit) born 2011 or later
Cubs (Minit) born 2010 or later
Springs B (B-Silmut) born 2008 or later

Categories for ISU evaluation by Finnish rules detailed in Annex 1:

Springs A (A-silmut) born 2008 or later
Debs A (Debytantit) born 1.7.2006 or later
Novice B (Noviisit) born 1.7.2004 or later

Categories for ISU rules:

Advanced Novice


Categories for Solo Ice Dance with Finnish Ice Dance Evaluation system detailed in Annex 2:

Basic Novice (Noviisit)
Intermediate Novice (Intermediate Noviisit)
Advance Novice (SM-Noviisit)

Categories for Couples, ISU rules for the season 2019-2020:

Basic Novice (Noviisit)
Intermediate Novice (Intermediate Noviisit)
Advanced Novice (SM-Noviisit)
Juniors (SM-Juniorit)


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Helsinki Trophy 2019 will be conducted for invited clubs only in accordance with the ISU Constitution and General Regulations, the ISU Special Regulations for Figure Skating and Ice Dance as well as all pertinent ISU Communications for Figure Skating and the regulations and classification of the Finnish Figure Skating Association.


Kaarela Ice Rink, Kaarelan raitti, 00430 Helsinki

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The planned program contents for ISU category entries must be delivered by email to no later than 30 August 2019.


Single Skating Categories

Chicks, 50 EUR
Cubs, 50 EUR
Springs B, 50 EUR
Springs A, 60 EUR
Debs A, 60 EUR
Novice B, 60 EUR
Advanced Novice, 90 EUR
Juniors, 90 EUR
Seniors, 90 EUR

Ice Dance Categories

Solo Dance

Basic Novice, 90 EUR
Intermediate Novice, 90 EUR
Advanced Novices, 90 EUR 


Basic Novice, 100 EUR
Intermediate Novice, 100 EUR
Advanced Novice, 100 EUR
Juniors, 100 EUR

Entry fees will be invoiced soon after confirmation and the invoice must be paid latest on due date 30 August 2019.

In case a skater/couple has been entered in the competition, but cannot participate, she/he can be replaced by another skaters in the same category and class until the draw 4 September 2019. Participating clubs are asked to immediately inform of any changes in their entries by emailing


After 30 August 2019, only cancellations supported with a medical certificate will be refunded.


The draw will take place on 4 September 2019 by a random number generator in Finnish Star Evaluation categories and by ISU Calc program in ISU categories. The result of the draw will be published on the competition website immediately afterwards.


All Competitors shall provide competition music on CD (no CD-RW-s or DVD-s). CD must state the full name of the competitor, category, name of club and country. Please note that the own music for ice dance pattern dances should be also in separate CD. The participants are obliged to present their music records at the accreditation desk. All competitors must have an extra copy of their music available at the rink during their event.


The Accreditation desk will be at the main hall of the Kaarela Ice Rink.


There will be no practice ice available.


The organiser will invite the judges and the other officials and pay their expenses.


Protocol/ list of results in each category will be published on the website of the competition.


Protest must be submitted in writing to the Referee of the category at the latest 30 minutes after the category. The protest fee is 15 €. The Referee’s decision is final.


The three best placed skaters in each category will be announced and awarded. All participants will receive a diploma.


The organiser will not cover any expenses of the skaters.


According to the ISU Regulations, Rule 119, the organiser accepts no responsibility or liability with respect to bodily or personal injury, property loss or damage suffered by the competitors or officials during the competition.

Participants are expected to have their own insurance. Such insurance must assure full medical coverage and also the return to the home country by air transport or by other expeditious means of the ill or injured person.


Qualified first-aid personnel will be present at the competition.


Skaters, coaches and other team members are responsible for booking their accommodation individually if required. The organiser will not arrange transportation for participants.


The competition venue will have a cafeteria.

We wish to warmly welcome you to Helsinki Trophy 2019!

If you have any questions, you are invited to contact us by emailing

On behalf of the Organising Committee,

Mrs Laura Lakio,
Competition Director

All rights to changes are reserved.